Highly absorbent - Market launch of the new multifunctional suction nozzle from matev

Multifunction suction nozzle MRM-H 120

Multifunction suction nozzle MRM-H 120

Multifunction suction nozzle  MRM-H 120 with active suction

Multifunction suction nozzle MRM-H 120 with active suction

05.11.2020 / Whether leaves, trash, dirt, cuttings or other material, in perfect coordination with the matev collection system, it ensures efficient and economical material disposal. matev is launching a new multi-function suction nozzle on the market, which optionally offers active suction through an integrated turbine.

The matev multifunction suction nozzle MRM-H 120 is perfectly suited for large-area material removal on different surfaces due to its extensive equipment options. Thanks to the powerful and robust rotor brush, wet, stuck material is easily removed from the surface. The sturdy steel construction with integrated running gear and the well thought-out tubing ensure smooth and low-maintenance operation. Optimum adaptation to the surface being travelled on is ensured by height-adjustable running wheels without tools and a 2D pendulum compensation. Thanks to the flow-optimised base body and the height-adjustable air gap, the MRM-H 120 is highly absorbent and adapts ideally to the material to be picked up. The working width of the MRM-H 120 can be extended to over two metres by means of the optionally available side brushes. A manual suction nozzle is also optionally available. Both ensure long-range and thorough cleaning. New and innovative is the option of a integrated turbine which enables active suction into any collection container, such as our new matev trailer TRL-3D 20.

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