Turbine BLW-3P

Turbine 3P

The suction turbine has been designed for combination with the trailer TRL-MF 2000 with grass collection attachment. With this combination you get an extremely powerful grass collection trailer CLS-G TR 3250. The turbine is attached without tools to the rear three-point receptacle of the respective tractors. The tailer is attached to the turbine either via hitch or ball-head coupling. The extremely high suction power is achieved through the appropriately large-dimensioned turbine with robust turbine blades made of Hardox. Consequently this implement combination is also suitable for the harshest implementation conditions. The bolted blower cover ensures easy access if there are malfunctions, or for maintenance tasks. The implement is driven by a universal joint shaft with freewheeling and a triple belt drive.

suction turbine

The turbine is suitable for connection of mid-mount mowers, front mowers, and suction devices. Scope of delivery includes a universal joint shaft, a suction hose, and integrated telescopic parking rests.

Technical data BLW-3P
Dimensions (L/B/H) 650x780x1050 mm
Tractor attachment cat. 1 / cat. 2 ✔ / optional
Turbine diameter 560 mm
Turbine blade material Hardox
Turbine speed 2430 U/min
Triple belt drive
Suction hose 200 / 220 mm Diameter
Pressure hose 200 mm Diameter
Telescopic parking rests