Hydro-suction nozzle LRM-HY 120

Multifunction suction nozzle MRM-H 120

The matev multifunction suction nozzle MRM-H/M 120 is perfectly suited for large-area material removal on different surfaces due to its extensive equipment options. Thanks to the powerful and robust rotor brush, even wet, stuck material is easily removed from the surface. In the equipment combination with matev collecting systems or the matev trailer, efficient and economical material removal is guaranteed.

Multifunction suction nozzle

The MRM-H 120 is stable and low-maintenance thanks to its steel construction with integrated running gear and well thought-out tubing. Optimal for all terrains due to the adaptation to the ground by means of height-adjustable running wheels without tools and the 2D pendulum compensation. The height-adjustable air gap ensures optimum adaptation to the material to be picked up. The working width can be extended to over two meters by means of the side brushes optionally available for both sides.

Technical data MRM-H 120
Dimensions (L/W/H) 880 x 1300 x 700 mm
Working width single 1.2 m
Working width with 1 side brush 1.65 m
Working width with 2 side brushes 2.1 m
Weight without accessories 105 kg
sweeper roller drive required oil quantity > 11 l/min
Tractor attachment Cat. 0 / Cat. 1
Mounting height adjustable
Side brush steel/perlon optional
side brush steel (for weed removal) optional
side brush diameter 500 mm