Hydro-suction nozzle LRM-HY 120

Hydro-suction nozzle HY 120

With the extensive standard equipment the user can optimally match the leaf suction nozzle to his implementation conditions. Thanks to the suction body with pendulum motion in the chassis, the adjustable air-gap opening on the front, and the casters with toolless height adjustment, you can work thoroughly and effi ciently at all times. The hydraulically powered rotor brush removes even firmly-compacted wet leaves from the ground. In addition, the
100 mm adjustability range on both sides enables adaptation to different vehicle widths.

Hydro-suction nozzle

The work width can be extended to 1.5 or 1.8 m with the side brush that is optionally available for both sides. For harsh implementation conditions reinforced casters are also available. Thanks to the ideal match with matev collector units, this implement combination ensures effi cient and economical leaf

Technical data LRM-HY 120
Dimensions (L/W/H) 930 x 1280 x 800 mm
Working width standard 1,2 m
Working width with 1 side brush 1,5 m
Working width with 2 side brushes 1,8 m
Weight w/o options 85 kg
Brush rotation
(depends on the oil reservoir)
~500 rpm
Roller brush drive
required oil charge
20 L/min
Mounting on the tractor Cat. 0 / Cat. 1
Mounting height adjustable
Casters, reinforced optional
Side broom steel/Perlon optional
Side broom steel (for weed removal) optional
Side brush diameter 500 mm