Snow blade SRM-FB 150 QH

The SRM-FB 150 QH snow blade is designed for the John Deere Quick Hitch attachment and is thus ideal for an effective short-term use without long conversion times. The special matev attachment ensures sufficient ground clearance even when the blade is lifted or angled. This solid snow blade has a working width of 150 cm.

Snow blade

The snow blade is equipped as standard with a rubber scraper bar. The blade plate folds forward when running over obstructions and is pulled back into work position by two springs.

Technical data SRM-FB 140 QH SRM-FB 150 QH
Dimensions (L/W/H) 308 x 1400 x 484 mm 308 x 1500 x 484 mm
Working width, max.
Working width, angled
1400 mm
1210 mm
1500 mm
1300 mm
Weight without accessories 40 kg 49 kg
Blade height / thickness 484 mm / 3-6 mm 484 mm / 3-6 mm
Angle adjustment Quick Hitch / 30° Quick Hitch / 30°
Tractor attachment Quick Hitch Quick Hitch
Skid shoes