Snow blade JD FB 120 / 140 CD

The FB 120/140 snow blades are specially designed for use on series X300 and X500 lawn tractors. Thanks to the solid steel frame these snow blades are suitable for the ambitious private user as well as for semi-professional use. Toolless “connect and drive” attachment and detachment also enables effective short-term implementation, as long setup times are not required. To obtain an optimal clearing result on uneven terrain all implements are factory-equipped with pendulum compensation.

Snow blade

The snow blades are factory-equipped with a rubber scraper bar. The optional hydraulic angle adjustment improves the possibilities for adapting to a wide variety of conditions. When running over obstructions the blade plate yields to the front and is pulled back into work position by two springs.

Technical data SRM-FB 120 CD SRM-FB 140 CD
Dimensions (L/W/H) 400x1200x430 mm 450x1400x460 mm
Working width, max.
Working width, angled
1200 mm
1108 mm
1400 mm
1247 mm
Weight without accessories 22 kg 45 kg
Blade height / thickness 430 mm / 2,5 mm 460 mm / 2-6 mm
Angle adjustment mech. / 22,5° mech. / 27°
Tractor attachment Connect and Drive Connect and Drive
Skid shoes x x