Trailer TRL-MF 2000

A robust and flexible implement for professional use. Facilitate the hard day-to-day tasks, regardless of whether you want to collect or transport. With the TRL-MF 2000 you can do a lot. The hot-dip galvanized chassis, and the all-steel floor make the trailer a robust and versatile tool and are reflections of our high level quality consciousness. Thanks to the modular principle of this multifunctional trailer the body can easily be adapted to the daily requirements. Naturally driving is always safe even when the trailer is fully loaded, thanks to the overrun brake.

Multifunction options

Collector CLS-G TR 3250
With our body, which has been specially developed for grass collection, including cover tarp and rear hatch extension for up to 3.5 m³ collection volume, the area that can be mowed between dumps is significantly increased and you save valuable time. Thanks to our BLW-3P 2700 turbine that is matched to the body, even large mowers can be used effectively and thus enable the economical processing of larger areas.

Trailer TRL-MF 2000 with grille attachment
With our grille attachment you are ideally equipped for seasonal leaf collection and particularly in the unsettled fall weather you profit from the high load volume. Adequate transport capacity is available whenever undergrowth, branches and bushes must be transported. Due to the optionally available cover tarp you can transport safely and reliably even over longer distances.

Trailer TRL-MF 2000 with irrigation system
With our large water irrigation System wit a barrel with volume of 1400 l even municipal watering of plants can be executed easily and extremely economically. Thanks to the flexible body, if needed this function is quickly available, and additionally increases the profitability of the trailer system.

Trailer TRL-MF 2000 with stake kit
For forestry applications this is robust implement with which a lot can be moved. With the stable stakes it is easy to safely transport even the heaviest objects, such as logs. With the hydraulic dump function the trailer can be extended to function as a three-side dumper, and thus the area of implementation is also extended. Optional accessories, such as drive-up ramps make the trailer a multi-functional work and transport implement.