High grass mower MOW-M 100
matev minis

matev minis | MOW-M 100 High grass mower

With the new versatile product range, the John Deere lawn tractors of the series X100 and X300 become universally applicable all year round. In addition to a high grass mower for lawn care the range of purposebuilt implements for the use with compact garden tractors also includes a sweeper, a snow blade and a snow blower for winter maintenance, as well as a transport trailer.

High grass mower

This mower with a cutting width of 100 cm is a very robust construction with low wear. The mower is suitable for tall grass as well as for uncontrolled growth or undergrowth.

Technical data MOW-M 100
Working width 1000 mm
Weight 43 kg
Height 400 mm
Width 1100 mm