SDF 50

Matev’s many years of experience in designing and manufacturing front power systems is refl ected in this product spectrum. Thanks to the simple and extremely robust structure, our products can handle even the most difficult applications. Due to the proven lift geometry, the greatest possible lift height is achieved with a compact design. Optimal dimensioning of lifting power over the lift height enables fast and trouble-free attachment and detachment of implements. The force is applied where it is needed.

Front power system

We offer a broad spectrum of options for day-to-day work. The front power systems and front PTO shafts are ideally matched to our attachments. The high matev standards for reliability and durability apply here as well, and enable troublefree and effective work.

Designation SDF 50 Technical data SDF 50
Front power system Lifting force at coupling point 750 kg
Front PTO shaft Lifting force 600 mm in front of coupling point -
Independent live PTO ✔ (Original) Weight 85 kg
Coupling triangle cat. 0 Number of cylinders 2
Coupling triangle cat. 1 - Attachment for Agrokid 210, 220, 230
Coupling triangle Scanframe -    
Removable lower link -    
Hydraulic extension kit    
Frontloader conversion kit -    
Mower attachment kit -    
Frame trussing