Basic John Deere

JD standard equipment

As part of our Basics series, we offer the following basic equipment for John Deere tractors:

The rear hydraulic kits of the Basics series, are specially matched to the different tractor types and thus enable optimal operation of hydraulically powered or controlled rear attachment kits.

All front fenders of the Basics series are made of stable plastic with a robust, easy-to-mount holder. The fenders optimally protect the driver in all-weather operation and effectively reduce the amount of dirt on windshields for tractors with cabins. The combined use of snow chains or the appropriate front loader is easily possible for almost all models.

The coupling supports of the Basics series consist of a support frame with cat. 0 quick-coupling triangle and are hooked into the appropriate receptacle points in place of the front mower. The coupling supports thus enable an effective use of the wide area mower as implement carrier for all-season implementation with matev front implements.

Automotive traction drive


... the practical supplemental components for convenient and effective work.

Basic equipment X700 1026R 2R 3020 3R F-Mäher 3036E 4R WAM Z994R Z997R
Coupling supports - - - - - - - - - -
Rear hydraulic kits - - - - - -
Front fenders - - - - - -
Automotive traction drive - - - - - - - -
Homologation-Kit - - - - - - -