City of Nuremberg equipped for winter service

09.12.2020 / In November, 39 John Deere tractors equipped with matev snow blades, sand and salt spreaders, and sweepers were delivered to the Nuremberg public space service company.

In service since last week, the 39 John Deere 2026R series tractors, perfectly equipped with matev attachments to make the road and sidewalks safe. To clear the way under snow conditions, the John Deere tractors were equipped with the matev SPR-FB 150 snow blade. Which achieve a clean clearing result thanks to the standard pendulum compensation and a working width of 1.5 meters. The matev SPR-H/M 250 ST sand and salt spreaders made of robust steel with a capacity of 250 liters ensure a safe road surface even on black ice. In addition, in order to counteract the last remains of dirt and snow, the matev SWE H/M 14-45 front sweeper with a working width of 1.4 meters was also partially attached to the tractors.   In order to apply the required power for all applications, the John Deere 2026R series tractors were also equipped with the matching matev front power lifters.

Wir wünsche der Stadt Nürnberg viel Erfolg und Gelingen bei ihrem Einsatz im Winterdienst!