matev stands for quality!

Certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001

Since 01.10.2007, Kiwa Zert GmbH has attested with certificate no. K 103.567 that at matev a quality management system in accordance with the criteria of the international standard DIN ISO 9001 has been introduced and applied with success.

Our quality policy

  • Our paramount goal is to completely satisfy the expectations that the customers have for our products.
  • To do this we maintain a constant dialog between all internal areas of our organization and with the dealers, end users, vehicle manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • We know the requirements and needs of our customers and offer support before and after purchase of our devices and systems.
  • Our goal is to constantly optimize our design and our quality through market observation and customer dialog.
  • We constantly include our suppliers in establishing our objectives, and assist them in the sense of our quality understanding.
  • Fault prevention is the focus of our quality assurance measures.
  • We encourage the quality consciousness of our employees at all levels, and place a high priority on individual responsibility for the quality of work.
  • We implement our continuous improvement process through specific measures.

Our goal is to offer our customers excellent service through product quality, assurance of supply, and readiness to deliver, as well as reliability.