matev - a rich tradition of more than 40 years!

In order to expand its production capacity, matev GmbH acquires shares in Czech company Rykov s.r.o.

As a successor of Wilhelm Dürschinger, who retired by the beginning of 2014, Michael Volz becomes new managing director of matev GmbH for sales and marketing in addition to Georg Hemmerlein. As part of the expansion of the company headquarters Langenzenn, matev realises extensive renovation measures in the entire assembly, prototyping and logistics sector. At the GaLaBau exhibition 2014 and under the motto "matev goes hydraulic", the new front sweeper series SWE-H/M 15-60/17-60/19-60 was presented.

At the demopark 2013 matev presents the new front sweeper series SWE-H/M 12-45/14-45/16-45. Also in 2013 matev starts with sales of the new modular snow blade series SRM-SF 140/160/180/200/220.

Due to the rapid growth of personnel matev invests in the expansion and conversion of the headquarter in Langenzenn in 2012 and creates new attractive offices as well as a new training center and showroom.

Acquisition of new production site in Coburg.

matev presents a completely redesigned market presence under the slogan “matev can handle it” and thus underlines its intent of further expanding its market position in Europe. Moreover at the GaLaBau 2010 exhibition matev again introduces new products, such as the new TRL-MF 1600/2000 multi-functional trailers, the complete package for the JD 3036 E and for the Kubota G23/26, as well as the redesigned engine PTO shaft.

In 2009 matev again launched several product innovations. Now with the CS 1050/1350/1650 matev offers the industry’s largest professional collection device with high dump and continues to extend its outstanding market position in this segment. An INOX sand and salt spreader rounds out the winter service product line. In addition the “Connect+Drive” attachment system is developed, which enables easy and toolless attachment and detachment of the implements.

In 2008 matev launched a new grass and leaf collection system. With the CS 650/850 matev now offers a collection device with a light yet robust, self-supporting container with PE plastic shells; its shape facilitates strong compaction of the cuttings and thus increases the implementation efficiency. Simultaneously the first engine PTO shaft ships to customers.

Kiwa Zert GmbH certifies that a quality management system in accordance with the criteria of the international standard DIN ISO 9001 has been introduced and applied with success at matev.

matev GmbH acquires Agrogép Kft. This step completed the spin-off of all value-added steps from the Sperber Group. An ambitious investment program is approved for the Hungarian production plant. At the Langenzenn location a modern ERP system is introduced for more efficient stock-keeping and to accelerate response time and delivery time.

With the goal of strengthening the Design Department matev GmbH invests in a new 3D CAD system.

Origination of matev GmbH. Through the restructuring and spin-off from the Sperber Group, machine building is now an autonomous enterprise. The two managing partners Georg Hemmerlein and Wilhelm Dürschinger take over the leadership of the new firm. Remodeling and modernization measures start at the new Langenzenn location.

Administration and Design are relocated to the former manufacturing location. Thus the spatial separation from Fürth is complete. In the meantime implements are produced for many well-known manufacturers. 1998 The product spectrum is extended with the first professional device for leaf collection - the hydro-suction nozzle 1200.

In addition to implements for John Deere tractors, with the GAH-F 3060 Sperber Maschinenbau now offers the first grass collection device for Kubota front mowers. 994 In this year Sperber Maschinenbau introduces the grass collection device GAH 750/1000/1300 with high-dump. This device has become the most successful professional device with high-dump function.

Sperber Maschinenbau launches the first grass collection device with high-dump, the 700/900/1200. Simultaneously the first V-blade is built for professional winter service.

Sperber purchases Agrogép Kft. in Hungary. The previous sales growth in machine building - combined with a constant extension of the product line - requires an additional manufacturing location, to which wage-intensive manufacturing procedures and work steps can be transferred. Simultaneously Sperber Maschinenbau extends the contacts to other tractor manufacturers. The corporate goal “development of implements for tractors from different manufacturers” is established.

This year was a year of new developments. Sperber Maschinenbau introduces the first front power system to the market. In the winter service segment the first professional snow blade with spring flaps is offered. New product developments were also introduced in the area of grass collection. Thus with the GA 600 K with 14 hp attachment engine and SC-W 400 trailer, the first professional collection device, and with the GA 400 /500Z with SC-W 300 trailer the first collection device with PTO drive are manufactured.

Sperber Maschinenbau extends its business area by marketing cabins for small tractors.

A new business area goes to market: “Mowing and collecting in one work process" - a concept that Fritz Sperber brought from America is effectively implemented and increasingly establishes itself in the market. At the same time the new division “Sperber Maschinenbau” is founded, which now manufactures the implements for the small tractors.

A short time after introduction of the first grass collection device, this GA 35 is now improved through a newly designed GRP container.

On customer request, Sperber starts to develop implements for the John Deere small tractors. With the implement product line for the JD 60/70, consisting of a grass collection device GA 30 with 3.5 hp engine, jute sack, the first snow blade with a 107 cm width, as well as a sweeper, Sperber acquires an additional market segment, and lays the strategic foundation for successful development of the future Sperber Maschinenbau (today matev GmbH).

John Deere small tractors - a new market is created, John Deere introduces the first small tractor models. Sperber gets an increasing number of requests for implements to extend the implementation possibilities of the small tractor. Appropriate products are lacking on the market.

Sperber started as a farrier and developed itself into a dealer of agricultural machines with a specialized workshop. With the founding of the partnership with John Deere in 1960, Sperber continuously extends this direction.