CAB-WX 153

WX 153/154 for JD X300/X500

For lawn tractors or compact tractors, for mowers or transport vehicles, with an extensive product range we offer a broad spectrum from the simple canopy to the sophisticated comfort cabin. Safety – certifi ed in accordance with the latest regulations – and comfort for the driver are the highest priorities. There is an extensive and innovative range of accessories
for each cabin to ensure an individual and optimum work climate. Your dealer would be pleased to advise you.


A selection from the matev cabin product line is shown here. Ask us for other additional cabin types.

Designation X300 / X500
Cabin WX-153 / WX-154
Height 1810/1820
Weight (kg) 62/81
Heating system - / opt.
Extension kit opt.
Windshield washer system opt.
Addition lights front / rear - / -
Rotating beacon opt.
Floor mat opt.
Acoustic insulation pack -